After a whole seven-year hiatus, the leading global trade show, INTERSCHUTZ will be held in Hannover again starting on the 20th of June. Normally the event is held at intervals of five years, but, due to the Pandemic, it had to be postponed two times in a row. Now it is finally time again and TEXPORT® will make its presence known with the biggest trade show appearance in the company’s history. It will take up a total of 518 m2.

Nicole Heinemann

Mrs. Heinemann is looking confident forward to Interschutz.

Personal protective gear is also a personal decision

For us at TEXPORT®, this six-day trade show is especially important and it has been since our very first appearance there in 2000. Personal contact on-site, but most of all the opportunities to touch our newest products, try them on and it is precisely these opportunities are the experiences that engender confidence, especially for emergency response and protective clothing. You cannot convey the feel of the extraordinary fit, the comfort and most of all the sense of security with brochures or data sheets. For that matter, we offer the visitors to our imposing stand the chance not just to try on all the newest clothing articles from our company, but to try them out in near-practical conditions at various stations. It should be possible to feel for yourself, how our integrated lifebelt systems, for example, actually feel under load. It also allows visitors to be find out first hand just how impressive the fit of our anatomically formed suits is– and the newest generation is now being presented to the public for the first time – and how they increase freedom of movement.

Keeping up personal contacts after a time of limited contact

In the last two years, which have been shaped by the COVID-19-Pandemic, we have all had to learn to function in spite of limited contact possibilities. We can handle a lot from our home offices, we can talk with each other in Zoom-meetings, but we weren’t able to replace the interpersonal contact with customers and partners. Acting on this fact, we at TEXPORT® have consciously decided to participating in the INTERSCHUTZ in our originally planned extent and are looking forward to the event with confidence and excitement. Our developer’s boxes are packed to tops with new products, which are unique in this form. So, our visitors can look forward to being the first to see numerous (global-) innovations. The euphoric mood in the industry can be felt clearly and intensely. Proud area of 518 m2 invites people to immerse themselves in the exciting world of TEXPORT®. Additionally, the large area makes it possible for the visitors to maintain proper distance – even with heavy traffic.

We at TEXPORT® are looking forward to a great time with you at our stand and guarantee you a whole lot of fun and even more “Wow-experiences” with our new products.

Preparing for Interschutz
Company founder Otmar Schneider with CEO Nicole Heinemann.