A vision precedes every mission
For TEXPORT®, it all began with a vision:
“I want to make TEXPORT® No. 1 world-wide!”, Otmar Schneider, founder and CEO of TEXPORT®, said more than twenty years ago.

Today, this ambitious goal is reality. But the position as innovative leader in technology has to be consolidated and that day for day. For that reason, considerable but economical effort is invested in research and development and constitutes together with our highly modern production facilities the load-bearing columns for the vanguard role that TEXPORT® occupies. In the meantime, ground-breaking work steps and processes are used that are unique in the industry.

Always There for You

The ideal product solution requires a detailed advisory conversation, where all your demands and wishes can be put to us. Therefore, our sales representatives are out in the field internationally, to look after our customers and business partners. We also design individual pieces of clothing that conform 100 % to the customer’s specifications. If a repair should be necessary, then of course we will see it as our responsibility to provide this service as quickly as possible. We are available for you at all times through our extensive service and trade network.

Performance and Fit
Our Promise to You

We don’t just provide a product that offers the best possible protection – we provide a product that fulfils the highest demands in terms of comfort, fit and ergonomics. Even at the beginning of the development process, close attention is paid to the best possible fit and comfort. There, we not only keep an eye on body types and shapes of the wearers, but work on the best solutions to the smallest detail – from the position of the pockets to the arrangement of the Velcro. Our bespoke sizing system also makes it possible to optimally adapt our clothing to nearly all wearers.

All from One Place
From Idea to Product

Serial production only begins after intensive research into the design and material composition has been carried out and practical tests have been passed. For production, all the raw materials, which are ordered and checked in Salzburg, are transported to the manufacturing floors in Macedonia and Bulgaria. There, the clothing is meticulously and elaborately handcrafted by trained workers.

Founder and Managing Director
Otmar Schneider

“My mission is very simple:
I try to make the very best and to always stay true to my line in doing so.”