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Unique characteristics
Dedicated to progress

The innovative power at TEXPORT® is the breeding ground for developments, which is the basis of the functionality and safety of our products. If you want to offer the highest possible safety, you can only be satisfied with the best. So we were able to engage in research which was conducted in tight cooperation with with partners we have had for years, making us able to set ourselves apart from our competitors through numerous unique characteristics. Among the highlights of our previous developments are the AirBlocker®, the Triple Fabric®, the HPX-System®, the Ergo Pad® or the Saugsperre® suction blocker. Comprehensive testing procedures also provide insight into whether or not the materials and processing methods can be optimised. Based on this knowledge and many years of experience, our development department designs articles of clothing to meet individual customer needs, to guarantee the best protection, comfort and functionality.

Air Blocker®

The insulation system in the shoulder area guarantees more safety through a permanent air cushion that rises from protectors in the inner lining and also stays upright when carrying respiratory protective equipment. The trapped air isolates this exposed area.


With the HPX System®, changing a defective zip is no longer expensive and complicated, but simple and affordable. Through the High Performance eXchange System, or HPX System, the lifespan of protective clothing is increased significantly. In addition, thanks to the striking design it is immediately visible whether or not the front part is fully closed. That makes it even safer.
EU Patent 07121066.0

TEXPORT® Triple Fabric®

The TEXPORT® Triple Fabric® is a textile reflective stripe that is made from fabric and therefore is extremely breathable and more durable. The reflective, silverstripe material composition, patented by 3M*, adheres very well to the structure of the soft fabric. In addition, the TEXPORT® Triple Fabric® is abraded less severely through wear and washing.
EU Patent 08102991.0
*3M EU Patent 1974621

Wicking Barrier

The wicking barrier is permanently waterproof, breathable and wash-resistant. That means even after many uses and washes, the clothing’s lining remains completely dry thanks to the GORE-TEX barrier, as no more moisture can enter through the seams.

Outer structures
Terms like “highest quality” or “modern know-how” are casually employed in marketing with little or no thought. We at TEXPORT® however devote considerable effort to use and refine the best technologies in the world every day.

Making protective clothing for the hardest fire calls anywhere in the world is a matter requiring absolute trust and great responsibility comes with it. We are fully aware of the scope of this responsibility. For that reason, we are never satisfied with our past accomplishments, but always strive to expand the boundaries of the possible. We insist on standards that far exceed the general minimum requirements or even norms. We constantly invest in research and development so that the most modern technologies are always in use.

Material Composition

The innovative material composition


The innovative material composition for extreme protection and comfort.

When fighting fires, two serious dangers are direct flames and heat radiation. If the heat penetrates the material of the protective clothing, it can lead to burns to the body. The thermal insulation can delay this decisively – by just those few seconds that are required. Therefore, TEXPORT® has developed the material composition X-TREME®. X-TREME® offers notably more protection and comfort (thanks to its innovative material composition and new high-tech intermediate layer) than is required by the European EN 469 norm. The heat radiation is blocked for a long period of time.

X-TREME® Light

The innovative material composition for more protection and comfort – Light Version

X-TREME® light offers heat protection that significantly exceeds the values set out in the European norm EN 469, whether in direct contact with flames or heat radiation. When developing X-TREME light, the focus has been strongly on the weight. X-TREME® light combines excellent protection with significantly improved comfort, supported by the material’s light weight.

Composition of the membrane with spacer

The innovative material composition for otimal functionality.

GORE-TEX AIRLOCK® provides high thermal protection. By removing the textile insulation, the heat stress is reduced and the moisture absorption minimised. At the same time, this innovative material guarantees optimum freedom of movement and quick redrying.

Composition with dual membrane system

The GORE® PARALLON® system combines two laminates that function as moisture barriers for the first time, between which the thermal protective layer is bedded. This design guarantees high breathability and quickly wicks the moisture away from the skin. At the same time, it prevents moisture from outside from permeating. The insulation layer remains as dry as possible and offers reliable protection from heat.

Outer materials

Innovative outer materials


With IB-TEX®, TEXPORT® presents a Nomex® premium product that sets new standards. The fabric, produced by IBENA® exclusively for TEXPORT®, combines extremely high mechanical values with a unique aesthetic. The reason for this lies in the innovative design: instead of using Para-Aramid, the strength of the fabric is achieved by working in aromatic polyesters. IB-TEX® is made up of 73 % aromatic polyamide (Aramid/Nomex®), 25 % aromatic PES and 2 % carbon fibre. That is how IB-TEX® guarantees the best protection effect. As a result of its special PowerShell finishing, re-waterproofing is not required until after 40 washing cycles.

Available in:
Dark Blue
Nomex® NXT

With the new DuPontTM Nomex® NXT, the quality of the reputable Nomex® Outershell Tough has once again been significantly improved. The new technical design guarantees at once both maximum comfort to wear and high protection. The decisive advantages of DuPontTM Nomex® NXT are already convincing in the long term: the specially developed fabric does not only withstand heavy strains, thanks to the higher tear resistance, its lifespan has also been significantly extended. The intelligent fabric structure ensures that the appearance does not lose any of its sheen through frequent washing. As a result of its special PowerShell finishing, re-waterproofing is not required until after 30 washing cycles.

Available in:
Dark Blue

High mechanical strength, combined with the well-known, established benefits of PBI®, makes PBI® NEO® an excellent addition to the PBI® outer layers. The high tensile strength and tear resistance speak for themselves. Thanks to the very good wash resistance, the PBI® NEO® maintains its smart appearance even after many washes. PBI® fabrics do not melt or shrink and do not crack after exposure to heat and flames. As a result of its special PowerShell finishing, re-waterproofing is not required until after 30 washing cycles.

Available in:

PBI® MATRIX combines the high-quality heat and flame resistance of PBI® Gold with a matrix made of fixed para-aramid filament to increase the mechanical stability and lifespan. PBI® MATRIX does not become brittle, does not shrink and does not break apart on exposure to heat and flames.

Available in:
Safety first
The innovative systems of TEXPORT®
You don’t create great things on your own. To have our fingers on the pulse of time, we at TEXPORT® have built up a top-class partner network.

Safety has the highest priority in the development and manufacture of protective clothing – after all, it is about protecting human life. The further development and performance enhancement of technical fabrics, fibers and fabrics is therefore an indispensable process. Our partner network has grown steadily over the years and now consists of world-leading know-how carriers in the respective field. These license partnerships represent a further building block for our high quality.