Clean & Care

If it ever happens that your high-quality TEXPORT® functional clothing gets damaged during the hard daily work, no problem: We will gladly repair it, that is part of our professional TEXPORT® repair service.

Perfect protection requires perfect care: TEXPORT® Clean & Care®

Missions expose your protective clothing to extreme stress and dirt. An outstanding cleaning concept with the correct methods and materials is needed to extend the service life of your clothing and to guarantee sustainable conformity to standards. TEXPORT® Clean & Care® is precisely this kind of concept. TEXPORT® worked painstakingly for 18 months to develop Clean & Care®, the ideal cleaning concept tailored precisely to fulfil the special requirements of your high-quality protective clothing, to prevent substandard care, and to set new standards in logistics services.

TEXPORT® Clean & Care®: The modules.

Module 1 – Washing and impregnation

TEXPORT® has developed the Clean & Care® system to give your clothing precisely the care it needs. The impregnation is also docu-mented and renewed as required during the washing cycle.

Module 2 – Washing, including impregnation, inspection and recommendation for repairs

All the services in Module 1. The cleaned clothing will also be inspected and, if any damage is identified, a recommendation for necessary repairs issued if the fire department has its own repair centre.

TEXPORT® Clean & Care® cleaning cycle
After the contract has been signed, you will receive the login data for the TEXPORT® Clean & Care® software along with all the hardware you may need (transport boxes, barcode or RFID scanner) for the TEXPORT® Clean & Care® system.
The system allows you to place cleaning and repair orders at any time. Simply enter the serial number manually or use the scanner to input it automatically.
If you are using Module 2, repair jobs can be noted down automatically by scanning the products.
After you have registered the order, simply place the protective clothing in the transport boxes that TEXPORT® provides. A collection order is sent automatically to TEXPORT® once you order registration is complete.
Your soiled protective clothing is picked up at your premises and delivered to TEXPORT®. TEXPORT® and its qualified partners make sure your protective clothing receives precisely the care it needs.
After cleaning, damaged protective clothing is quarantined from the shipping process, serviced properly by our repairs department and then sent back to you (provided you book Module 2). Cleaned protective clothing that does not need repairs is shipped back to you immediately after the sorting process to prevent unnecessary delays in receiving intact protective clothing. The entire cleaning cycle from order registration to return shipping takes roughly 14 weekdays.
Hanger Hanger Hanger Hanger
Guaranteed conformity to standards thanks to regular impregnation
Licensed laundry service and in-house washing methods to guarantee outstanding cleaning results
Individual service levels for custom requirements
Extends the service life of your protective clothing
A choice of 2 modules
In-house software solution for automated logistics
For Germany and Austria (1ST phase)
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