Welcome to our new website!

“If you don’t exist on the internet, you’re not going to exist in the business world for much longer, either!” This marketing axiom has long since ceased to be an empty phrase but instead a pure dose of reality. For every business that wants to survive today, an ideal website is of great importance. We at TEXPORT® look this fact square in the eye and are very pleased to present our completely new website here.

Everything is new and yet familiar–focus on the visual

As a customer, partner and friend of TEXPORT®, you have already known this for a while: We always strive to find the optimum, every time and everywhere. This applies to our new website, of course, because just “being online” is not enough for us. Our goal is to use this website to open a new chapter in our communication with you. With that in mind, our new website is intentionally filled with images and videos and will, as of now, constitute the heart of our marketing. It’s not just a re-design, just an optical update. In fact, our new website has been rethought, planned again from the ground up, and implemented anew.
But the final stage of the new website has not been reached yet. As a “living platform”, it will change and grow continuously and so guarantees the visitors that it will always be state of the art. The platform that will be the first showcase for presenting new products in the future. That being the case, we consciously refer to our new website as our new communications hub.

Stay up to date at all times–everywhere and 24/7

Without a doubt, our products and product descriptions or presentations will be in the forefront, just like before. It takes a lot of effort to be able to present you with a wealth of facts and data and at the same time to assure an absolutely user-friendly and clearly organized interface. This means we have made it possible to get from one area to another with a single click of the mouse. You as a customer, or as a party interested in our products, now have the option of getting basically all information that you would deem relevant with just a few clicks of the mouse, independent of our business hours. Professional videos along with an extensive download library leave essentially no questions unanswered.

Exchange of opinions and information–now at a new level

We have set up our new website to be the communications hub par excellence. As of now, there will be a constantly growing news area in German and English. In the next stage of its expansion, this area will ultimately be useable in multiple languages. The launch of this new website doubtless constitutes another milestone in TEXPORT® timeline. The scope of information, products, and news will constantly increase in the coming months, and as our communications hub, we are pleased to invite you to send us your opinions, concerns, or criticisms.

We trust you will really enjoy the new site with its extensive information and that you will have an entertaining surfing experience in the world of TEXPORT®.