PAX – Bags

We – that are Vietnamese, Polish and German tailors specialised in quality bags. People who put all their strength and ability into our products . We – in the leadership of Andreas Harms and Thomas Busch – interpret our position as a responsible role model for quality products.

Our work for good products is our heart’s desire. With this strength we secure healthy, fairly socially insured jobs for our international team. And we treat the environment with the same respect: we (almost) clean the wastewater produced during textile treatment to drinking water quality, and we can confidently describe finished fabric as completely skin-friendly. Our print jobs are also (almost) always climate-neutral. We are proud of all this and like to work for it.

With our products we like to be one thing: very close to your side. PAX bags should not only be reliable, practical and durable. We want them to be loyal companions in everything you do. And you do a lot, and it’s almost always vital. That is why we want to be one step ahead in communication: Very close to you. Tell us what’s better and what you want. We’re working with your criticism so you can work better with our PAX bags.

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