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A few years ago, people were divided as to whether protective jackets with an IRS (Integrated Rescue System) could match the standards of the fire rescue safety harness, which has been around for decades, or whether they could even replace it. Now, protective jackets with IRS are on the verge of triumph. The jackets from TEXPORT® equipped with IRS have already emerged as winners in practical tests in the past, but in the course of product facelifts of the current collections, their IRS was also revised and, as a result, streamlined for even more safety and performance.
Brandheiss , 02.02.2018
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The jackets of the TEXPORT® collections FIRE SURVIVOR, FIRE PHOENIX and FIRE EXPLORER currently come with IRS.

Some of these models have already been available in a technically and visually revised version since 2019, while others have even been launched from scratch. But why should you replace the classic fire rescue safety harness? After all, it has been used by emergency services for decades and is very familiar to many of us. Here’s the answer: because there is more than just one reason to choose IRS. The possible uses are more varied (external rescue, emergency transport and respiratory protection emergency), an IRS saves on weight, your centre of gravity during self-rescue – especially with compressed air breathing apparatus attached – is more advantageous and, whenever you put on the jacket, the system accompanies you wherever you go, is ready for use and cannot be forgotten amidst the chaos.

More flexible application

Sebastian Hartmann, Technical Sales at TEXPORT® and trainer for rescue at heights, also makes one thing clear: “An IRS is not intended for abseiling like a climbing harness. However, it offers enough reserves so that a firefighter can escape from an emergency situation that poses a threat to their life. A fall when wearing IRS or a fire rescue safety harness should be ruled out as much as possible, as these are primarily intended for securing a standing position, as well as for holding and restraint. In the extreme case of an interior fire attack and if there is no other way out, the IRS can be used for EMERGENCY self-rescue due to the safety reserves. This EMERGENCY self-rescue must be trained by the fire brigade in the same way as with the safety harness; attention must be paid to the additional redundancy in training.’

The right size for almost every body type

The IRS from TEXPORT® consists of a modular principle with currently three different harnesses, which can be equipped with different belays and snap hooks. This means that the IRS can be flexibly adapted to the needs and interests of the fire brigade. The length of the harness is predetermined due to the size of the jacket. Models with IRS are available from XS to 4XL and for additional intermediate or special sizes. If the harness is not needed, it disappears imperceptibly, but is well protected inside the integrated tunnel that runs throughout the jacket. This prevents it from damaging any important components inside the jacket, such as the membranes, and makes threading and unthreading the harness much easier – as is necessary before a washing process. In addition to the annual inspection carried out by an expert, the harness should also be inspected visually after each use. Naturally, the most important thing here is: Safety first!

Cinematic quality user videos

A system with crucial safety relevance, however, also requires impeccable handling by the user. TEXPORT® is very much aware of this, and is therefore treading new ground in training and briefing dealers and customers. User videos were thus produced with considerable effort, in which the correct handling is clearly illustrated. Marketing Manager Gerhard Bernauer is personally responsible for the project, which is extensive in its effort and costs. This already shows how important the project is at TEXPORT®. We in the editorial team have already seen for ourselves that Gerhard Bernauer was not exaggerating when he claimed to be able to create TEXPORT® user videos in cinematic quality. We got to see a few videos in advance and wished we had some popcorn to hand while marvelling at the short films that were actually suitable for cinema. This quality is really in a league of its own in the field of training videos. With enormous expense – after all, film equipment worth more than EUR 250,000 was used – all the innovations of IRS are shown in moving images using practical application examples. This type of training – which will soon be available free of charge on the TEXPORT® website – will become increasingly important in the future. The first international training courses and briefings are already being carried out in this way. “We are very happy with the results of our user videos. They will be available very soon to anyone who is interested – 24/7 and free of charge on our website. Of course, the personal support and instruction by our sales partners remains unchanged,” says Gerhard Bernauer in conclusion.