More than just a facelift
1 Min
TEXPORT® has turned something good into something even better. Customer suggestions were also taken into account for the facelift of the new Fire Breaker Action and Fire Survivor versions.

Because it is well-known that standing still means taking a step backwards, the developers at TEXPORT® never stop working on new ideas. The revised versions of the Fire Breaker Action and Fire Survivor were presented in March. In addition to standardising the product families, the facelift was also used for a technical revision. One of the main focuses was explicitly increasing the longevity of protective clothing. Here we worked closely with the newly established TEXPORT® Service department. The experiences of this department were analysed in order to make appropriate changes, which led to an improvement in terms of durability and ease of maintenance. The revised design of the Fire Breaker Action and Fire Survivor models was deliberately engineered in such a way that, if necessary, items of clothing can be replaced or repaired faster than before.

The integrated TEXPORT® harness system was also not forgotten, and was revised in the course of the facelift.

In order to make it easier to use it correctly and safely, extremely time-consuming, extensive, professional user videos have been created in cooperation with A. Haberkorn.

The introduction of the facelift of the Fire Breaker Action and the Fire Survivor in March, however, only represented the beginning of a series of innovations. Further facelifts of the revised and improved product family followed over the course of 2019.