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Article.Nr.: 14935

Nose-and-Mouth Mask (10 pieces)

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product description

Minimum order quantity: 1 pack (content 10 piece)

Maximum quantity: 20 packs (200 pieces)

Note: Only packaging units in quantities of 10 are available from the online shop. The minimum order quantity is one packaging unit of 10 nose-and-mouth masks. 
Quantities over 200 pieces/20 packs are available only via directly request at 

The mask is intended exclusively for personal use and is therefore not suitable as a replacement for protective equipment such as that which must be worn in the area of infection and other harmful substances in occupational health and safety.

The user information must be observed for use.



OUTERSHELL/MEMBRANE: 100 % Polyester with PTFE-Membrane

COLOUR: blue

SIZE: one size


  • For intended application please see user information
  • Mask reusable
  • Washable at 60°C
  • Soft textile grip
  • Lightweight, due to one single layer
  • Breathable, utterly virus-proof material as per EN 16604 through PTFE membrane
    Tip: For optimal comfort, use the 4-way adjustment option to ensure sufficient lateral air supply (as with all mouth-nose masks)
  • Integrated nose clip for fitting
User information