Our core business is spread across the sectors of FIREWEAR and WORKWEAR. We are dedicated to quality in both of these sectors, working hand in hand with our partners in the textile industry to continually optimise all our fabrics.


Firefighting Protective Clothing


Work Protective Clothing

Your mission: only for the hardest. Our mission: to make it easier.

Seconds count, frequently. And every additional second you can hold out against these extreme conditions may be decisive. So it is the fabrics and material used in the protective clothing that really count. TEXPORT is constantly on the lookout for new high tech materials, putting them through their paces in the most rigorous practical tests before they are used in series products. To raise the bar in performance and safety.

Many close cooperations with renowned material manufacturers and ongoing performance tests distinguishes TEXPORT clothing from others. Furthermore TEXPORT invests permanently in research and development to improve its clothing even more.



The HPX System® makes replacing a defective zip quick and easy instead of laborious and expensive. The service life of protective clothing increases several times over using the High Performance eXchange System, HPX System® for short. You can also tell in an instant, whether the front panel is properly closed thanks to the eye-catching design. Which makes things safer. EU Patent 07121066.0



The TEXPORT Triple Fabric® is a fabric reflector strip with a woven structure, making it extremely breathable and therefore extending service life. The reflective material forms a durable bond with the soft fabric. And the Triple Fabric® is less prone to long-run scuffing from wearing and washing. EU Patent 08102991.0



The protectors in the inner lining create a permanent air cushion in the insulation system around the shoulders and guarantee enhanced safety that endures, even when wearing a respirator. The enclosed air insulates this exposed zone.



The vapour barrier is permanently waterproof, breathable and washaable. Which means: The GORE-TEX® vapour barrier prevents any moisture from seeping through the seams and keeps the inner lining of the clothing bone-dry, even after many turnouts and washes.



The Ergopad® by TEXPORT® is a cushioned ergonomically prefabricated pad that fits snug around the knee in any posture and prevents pressure points. Heavily flame retardant, it differs from aramid nonwovens in preventing excessive water absorption, ensuring the trousers dry much faster after washing.

X-TREME® - Every second counts

Dirext exposure to flame and radiant heat is among the greatest hazards that fire fighters face during turnouts. Heat battering through the material of protective clothing can cause burns.

Thermal insulation is key to staving off this effect and providing those crucial seconds. And this is precisely why TEXPORT® developed the material structure X-TREME®. Thanks to its innovative material structure and new high tech intermediate layer, X-TREME® delivers substantially greater protection and comfort than required in the European standard EN 469. Radiant heat is blocked almost entirely, even under prolonged exposure.


enhanced protection on direct flame impingement*


enhanced protection against radiant heat*


improved breathability*


waterproof thanks to GORE-TEX® membranes

X-TREME® – the innovative material structure for extreme protection and comfort. Find out here, how exactely X-TREME works during a mission.

*Compared to EN 469:2005+A1:2006 Class 2, Xf2, Xr2, Y2, Z2, X-TREME® offers (Status July 2010), results (HTI, RHTI, Ret) documented by ÖTI, test report 59048

From hero to superhero.

IB-TEX®. The new Generation of Aramid-Fabric.

Take the next step: With IB-TEX® TEXPORT® revolutionizes the Aramid-fabric. Experience protection, performance and aesthetics on a unprecedented level.

IB-TEX® was developed by TEXPORT® together with the german technical weaver IBENA®. It impresses with it’s high mechanical values and it’s unique look. It took two years of intense development and a lot of endurance tests to come up with IB-TEX® as an TEXPORT®-exclusive fabric.

Consisting of 73,5 % aromatic polyamide (aramid / Nomex®) together with 25 % aromatic PES and and an addition of 1,5 % carbon fiber, IB-TEX® is produced without any para-aramid. The strength and cohesiveness of the IB-TEX® fabric is achieved by the use of aromatic polyester, which shares the same mechanical values as para- or meta-aramids. IB-TEX is also the response to the growing demand for high-tenacity-polyester on the PPE-market.


IB-TEX® in Detail

IB-TEX® delivers outstanding mechanical properties compared to standard aramide fabrics, and does so without using any para-aramide. IB-TEX® consists of 73,5 % aromatic polyamide (Nomex®), 25 % aromatic PES and 1,5 % carbon fi bre.

Standard outer fabrics in protective clothing start to look battle-weary after just a few washes. Socalled „fi brillation“ sets in as tiny constituents in the para-aramide fi bres start to fracture and move to the surface, giving the material a dull grey sheen. This has no affection on the protective feature of the fabric but just changes the optical appearance. This effect can be prevented by using IB-TEX® as the fabric doesn't contain any para-aramide. IB-TEX® looks new, even after frequent washing.

Comparison of abrasion resistance (pilling):

Mechanical wear causes tiny constituents in the fabric to break loose. Formation of these small lumps of hard fl uff is called „pilling“. To measure the abrasion resistance of a fabric the so called „Martindale test“ is used. A prescribed type of sandpaper gets attached to a punch and moves circularly with a pre-defi ned pressure on one spot of the fabric. To simulate the abrasion during the life-cycle of the garment an extreme version of the Martindale test was used for IB-TEX®. As an example, a test used by the automotive industry to measure the abrasion resistance of seat covers was consulted. Instead of sandpaper a velcro was attached to the stamp. With this not-normed extreme test the constant abrasion of the fabric caused by open velcros in daily-use was adapted. During the cleaning process of the garment the abrasion can be caused by various items on the clothing (open velcros, name tapes, open harnesses integrated in the garment). Tools or belts of the breathing apparatus used during operation can affect the look of the outershell negatively by abrasing the fabric. The extremely high abrasion resistance of IB-TEX® prevents such negative infl uences on the look of the garment even under extreme conditions.

The benefits compared to standard aramide fabrics:

  • Mechanical properties unmatched in the market
  • An unbeatable look for the entire service life
  • Developed in cooperation with TEXPORT®
  • Manufactured exclusively for TEXPORT®

Premium fabrics need premium impregnation:

  • the PowerShell fi nish delivers permanent impregnation for up to 40 wash cycles
  • preserving functionalities and breathability in the high-performance membranes and lining
  • Thermal resistance conforming ISO 17493:2000
    (180° - 5 minutes) = -0,3 % (maximum shrinkage)
  • fl ame spread EN ISO 15025:2003 method A (surface exposure):
    • 0 sec. after-flame time
    • 0 sec. after-glow time
    • no side effects during exposure
    • no hole formation
  • fl ame spread EN ISO 15025:2003 method B (edge exposure):
    • 0 sec. after-flame time
    • 0 sec. after-glow time
    • no side effects during exposure
    • no hole formation