Fire Recon Wildland
The number of forest and vegetation fires is constantly increasing and, with it, the requirements and deployment scenarios connected with them are increasing significantly as well.

With its brand-new FIRE RECON WILDLAND series, TEXPORT® offers the highest technical standard available today and raises the bar in terms of comfort and fit. The single-layer construction ensures excellent breathability. This is especially important for optimally wicking moisture, such as sweat, away from the body, thereby maintaining the performance capabilities of the wearer. At the same time, this reduces the risk of the body overheating. The option of joining the jacket and trousers into a closed system prevents the penetration of rising heat. The adjustable closures on the trouser hem and cuffs also aid in this, providing the wearer with optimal protection against forest and vegetation fires. Fire Recon is also available in a THL variant with added visibility. Available from October 2022.

Fire Recon Wildland Teaser

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