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A Star is Born

A new era of PPE is beginning
Look forward to the presentations of our new model our brand new “Star”, the TEXPORT® FIRE X-FLASH.
All our know-how with regard to materials, ergonomics, functionality and processing techniques have been incorporated into the new FIRE X-FLASH series. Never before has our motto “highest protection, best design and optimal functionality” been technically implemented at such a high level!

Be part of the world premiere
The whole world of the safety industry, but especially you as a partner and distributor of TEXPORT®, are cordially invited to attend the “unveiling” of our FIRE X-FLASH series at our 500 m2 exhibition stand in Hall 15. Take the opportunity to literally get up close and personal with the FIRE X-FLASH before the official market launch of the FIRE X-FLASH in October.


INTERSCHUTZ 2022 – Continuing a successful collaboration

For TEXPORT®, this 6-day trade fair is especially important, even since the first company’s first time participating in the year 2000. What creates trust is the on-site, personal contact, but more than anything the opportunity to touch and try on the newest products, particularly for work and safety clothing. The impressive exhibition area of over 500 m2 offers visitors the chance to immerse themselves in the world of TEXPORT®. The large area also makes it possible to maintain distance between visitors, even with large numbers of guests. We look forward to a fantastic time with you at our stand and guarantee lots of fun and even more moments of “wow” with our newest products.


The number of forest and vegetation fires is increasing and experts agree: these deployment scenarios will continue to become more common here in the future as well. Because the demands of a forest fire are significantly different from e.g. a domestic attack, the Fire Wildland series of products from TEXPORT® offers optimal work wear, specially developed for such events.

Deliberately light and breathable
At first sight, the single-layer jackets and pants of the Fire Wildland series may appear “simple”. However, that is precisely the goal, as this is the only way to ensure the greatest freedom of movement and breathability. On the other hand, it reduces the risk of the body overheating.
The option of connecting the jacket and pants into a closed system prevents the penetration of heat rising from the ground.

TEXPORT® invites all INTERSCHUTZ visitors to personally discover all of the features of the Fire Wildland product series at Stand H21 / Hall 15. You are expressly welcome to touch, try on and test the products.

Fire Recon Wildland

Fire Recon THL

A chain is only as strong as its weakest link. That is entirely true of activities following a deployment when it is time to protect the wearer’s health from contaminated work clothes.

That’s why TEXPORT® offers a complete range of functional and protective clothing that can be worn under the safety suit. More than anything, it’s the easy handling after a deployment when still at the deployment site and the protective function, even against the smallest particles, which make for an unbeatable combination.

Take the opportunity to inspect our products for maximizing work hygiene live and up close at INTERSCHUTZ. We at TEXPORT® look forward to speaking with you personally.


Over four years of intensive and complex research have gone into the development of our TEXPORT® Rescue Belt System RBS®. The vision came from our company founder, Otmar Schneider, who has been essential in driving the project forward over the years.

Unique in this form
Unique at the present time, this belt system—which is not worn over protective clothing—was developed in close collaboration with the technicians from TEXPORT®, material experts and the company Haberkorn. The RBS® is joined to the the safety suit before it is put on to create a closed unit.

Alongside technical discussions with out specialists for the RBS®, the numerous special features can be examined in detail at the TEXPORT® stand. You are expressly welcome to touch, try on and test the product when you visit us at Hall 15 / Stand H21.


Rescue dog Timmy
Our partner with the cold nose
Anyone who knows INTERSCHUTZ, knows him, too: Rescue dog Timmy! Since 2015, Timmy has been the mascot of the world-wide leading trade fair of the emergency industry.

We are delighted to be able to provide Timmy with custom-made identification coats from now on. In his role as the “ambassador of kindness”, Timmy also appears in Italy at the professional trade fair REAS, meaning he often travels to Montichiari. During one of these trips, he and his owner, firefighter Christian Lang, stopped by to visit us in Salzburg. The whole team at TEXPORT® was taken right from the start by the charm of this professional media personality and soon it was decided that we would provide Timmy with a custom-made identification coat. We are very much looking forward to seeing Timmy again at INTERSCHUTZ!

With body and soul, a passionate (female) firefighter
Jana, a young firefighter from Bavaria, is not only an active member, respirator-wearer and youth worker. She is also a very active networker.

Speaking to her female comrades is especially near to her heart. With them, Jana discusses problems or difficulties that barely effect her male colleagues, such as the somewhat different anatomical requirements for protective clothing. In the future, we at TEXPORT® will be more available to Jana in order to best take the requirements and needs of female firefighters into consideration.

A firefighter and the sea

Michael Rauch, a professional firefighter from Frankfurt am Main, pursues a wide range of interests alongside his great passion for firefighting: from his work as a professional vehicle and emergency vehicle photographer to his active engagement with Sea Shepherd Deutschland e.V. For this organization, which opposes illegal industrial fishing, Michael spent 5 months on board. By the coast of Nigeria, together with armed soldiers, he monitored the commercial fishermen, largely by night. Often, catch quotas were exceeded by enormous amounts, right up to and including illegal industrial catches. As a firefighter, Michael Rauch brings first and foremost his expertise in fire prevention and firefighting with him on board. He actively collects equipment and material donations for Sea Shepherd, because even if it is for a good cause, a fire on board a ship is one of the most dangerous situations there is. We at TEXPORT® support Michael and the crew of the Sea Shepherd and are pleased to provide them with personally tailored protective clothing.